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Essentials of Strategy-Driven Supply Chain

5 key pillars to articulate the importance of supply chain

A next level of S&OP

After years of working within S&OP, we have found a way to make S&OP more strategy-driven, and how to make sure that the strategy is S&OP-driven.

A next level of S&OP which solves 2 eternal questions:

  • how to close the gap between the operational forecast and the financial forecast
  • how to close the gap between strategy and operations

It’s about making choices

Strategy-Driven Supply Chain starts by making tough strategic choices: in my markets how do I want to compete on price, on product, or on best total solution; by operational excellence, by product leadership, or by customer intimacy to use the terminology of Treacy & Wiersema.

Better defining the strategic planning pulls S&OP to the level where it really was meant to be used. The old adagio of hierarchical planning finally makes sense if we get a proper definition of the strategic planning level.

On demand webinar

All 5 pillars of Strategy-Driven Supply Chain explained by Bram in this webinar recording:

  • Creating value through ROCE
  • Strategy impact
  • Supply Chain Design & response
  • Integrated Value Planning & Execution
  • Change the role of Supply Chain

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